2nd CMIO Tweetchat

by Luis Saldana, MD

luis saldana headshotOur inaugural #CMIOchat was a great success, and thoroughly engaging with the skillful facilitation of Dr. Nick van Terhyden aka @DrNic1.  I have the distinct pleasure of facilitating the next #CMIOchat this Thursday October 22nd at 7 PM Eastern Time.


So, the ICD-10 ‘GoLive’ date has come and gone without much ruckus, and the Stage 3 Meaningful Use Final Rules were released with a bit more fanfare, and certainly more to come.  So, how do these events impact the journey to the holy grail destination of interoperability.

I think we have all experienced the challenges associated with the current state of interoperability, or lack thereof, of various systems that support our health system.  We want to delve bit in our next #CMIOchat into this and related topics.  We would love to hear all perspectives on this topic and welcome anyone with interest in exploring and discussing this.

So here are the topics for Thursday evening’s Tweetchat.  I look forward to seeing you there,

Luis @lsaldanamd

T1. What are the challenges we encounter as patients and informaticists in the road to interoperability?  Are you optimistic that we will get to true interoperability?

T2. What would a truly inter-operable, unified patient medical record look like from a functionality, user interface and operational perspective?

T3.  How would such a unified medical record support patient engagement or activation, or facilitate self management of one’s own health?

T4.  How would physicians and other clinicians engage with the data from such a record to enable both personalized medicine and population health?