AMDIS 2015: A Look Back and Peek Forward?

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH

In this non-stop 24/7/365 tsunami of data overload, taking time to look back and see where we’ve been is often a rewarding if not grounding experience.AMDIS15

In June the Association of Medical Directors of Information Systems (AMDIS) meet in the awesome surroundings of Ojai, California to consider their agenda for the year.

Editor’s Note: AMDIS 2016 information and registration page is here.

Here is a list of and access to symposium presentations from the June gathering, while a twitter transcript of the meeting is available here.

Sessions titles and presenting faculty included:

As we continue down what one hopes is an evidence base and best practices informed path of HealthIT or tech fueled if not enabled accountable care (or better yet the holy grail of the triple aim) may we continue to be mindful of the limits of technology to make up for tired if not ill-aligned business models prevalent in U.S. healthcare delivery today. Production oriented delivery systems, still the majority model of U.S. healthcare, are slowing giving way to more ‘value’ oriented operating entities and thus increasingly risk bearing local market and regional resource managers. While on a slow burn since the 80s bundled payment, case rate pricing and even capitation are finding new converts. Even amidst conflicting incentives (value vs. volume) we must find both the bridge and enabling models that guide us into a sustainable healthcare economy.

CMIOs of healthcare systems – whether institutional or professional enterprises – may just be standing at the intersection of the essential clinical informatics ‘nervous system’ (both markets and operating entities) as well as the strategies to bridge this gap while creating a value based future.